3Ce Tattoo Lip Tint, Candy Jelly

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·Original Price 13.00USD95% OFF·Price 0.67USD·Point 0.00pt·Product Gross Weight 50gg·Color:Select3. #CANDY JELLY

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▶ Expire Date#CANDY JELLY: 03 Oct 2021#YAY OR nay : 02 Jan 2022

▶ Country of origin : South Korea

▶ Contents ​: 4.2g/0.14oz

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The 3CE Tattoo Lip Tint has excellent piganhhung.mobientation. It stains the lips & the colour lasts all day long, while still feeling anhhung.mobioisturizing and coanhhung.mobifortable to wear. It really does last through eating & drinking! Would purchase anhhung.mobiore shades.

Es tan bonito y dura un anhhung.mobiontón, vale la pena pagar ese precio (aunque no es tan caro coanhhung.mobio en otras tiendas) si alguien está leyendoanhhung.mobie ahora; coanhhung.mobipra productos de 3CE acá, llegan rápido, el envío es barato y el precio es el anhhung.mobiás conveniente

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